Silent Disco Hire – From $5 per headphone

A silent disco is exactly that. Silent. But only from the outside.

Enjoy a party night or celebration on your own terms.

Anywhere !!!!

Features :

• Fully charged for up to 12 hours
• Individual volume control
• Up to 3 channels of audio with different coloured  LED lights
• Professional sound quality
• Over the ear style, cutting down on most outside noise
• Works up to over 400 metres from the base
• Individual transmitters that can be placed anywhere
• Auto off  (if there is no music playing to conserve battery)
• Super simple setup! Plug & Play
• Suitable for both adults and children

No more stopping the music before midnight.

No more complaints from the neighbours.

No more visits from the local police.

You can party on through the night without any fear of disturbing others.

Host one of the most memorable events ever with our silent disco.

Your next silent disco event is only limited by your own imagination.

All headphones come with at least one transmitter. This allow you to play music through one channel. You an play up to 3 channels of different music with more transmitters.  Just let us know how many channels you want to play.

The transmitters can be either wireless or plug in.

The transmitter plugs into the sound out port on your pc, mobile phone or any other device and then you can hear the music wirelessly through the headphones.

You choose which channel to play through (one of 3) and that corresponds with a colour.

An Equipment Rental Agreement will need to be signed upon hiring the headphones and a security deposit is also required.

For more information, please call Jennifer on 0433971805