Dance Floor Hire

Our floors were made for dancing!

Our floors were made for dancing!

Floors from $250 ! Enquire now 🙂

The floor tiles are a popular wooden look with aluminium edging and are 46.2cm square.

Our floors can be laid practically anywhere that has a firm, flat, fairly even surface. Ultimately the quality of the surface underneath the tiles will determine how well they perform, that is why we also provide a solid base for the majority of outdoor floors.

INDOOR : We can go as big as you like with indoor floors. Just let us know how big. They are best suited to a firmer surface. They are great on tiles, wood and carpet tiles or similar, but on spongy, soft or high pile carpets, an indoor base is required as shown below:

OUTDOOR : If you need a floor to go on top of  grass or a slightly uneven outdoor surface, we first construct a firm solid base to go underneath and then we put the dance floor on top. The outdoor bases come in fixed sizes. They are all 4.4m wide and the lengths are

3.6m, 5.4m, 7.2m, 9m, 10.8m, 12.6m,  14.4m or 16.2m.

The base is firm and secure and there is a tiny step up onto the dance floor. The base underneath will keep the dance floor level on top, however, the ground must still be fairly level with not too much of a slant or dip.

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